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About Monticello Academy
Monticello Academy is dedicated to providing a stimulating education using the Montessori infused methodology with current instructional best practices in technology, science, arts, literacy, and mathematics. Our mission is to provide students with a well-rounded and individualized way of learning that is designed around their developmental needs, and customized to support their future success.


Our Faculty and Administrators “Watch, Listen, Engage and Reflect” with our students!

Our teachers are passionate, enthusiastic individuals trained in the skill of differentiating instruction. Their curriculum is designed for individualized learning plans and create opportunities that support the development of 21st century learning and leadership skills. The teachers also include creativity, collaboration, independence, self-confidence and social responsibility of our students.

Our elementary students participate in a music, fine arts, physical education, and science. Students have the opportunity to go on great field trips that nurture and stimulate their nature developmental needs.

We are positive that children receive the best possible education when parents are involved. We welcome the parents to be in touch with us through classroom web pages and teachers email. We are very happy to say that effective communication among parents, teachers and staff is a way of life at the Monticello Academy.


Special Thanks To Our Corporate Sponsors

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